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Update to Visitor Policy

Update to Visitor Policy

Effective Monday, August 3rd, Prairie Clinic is allowing one support person to come to OB visits and regular visits.

Prairie Clinic feels it is important for the OB mother's to have the support person be present at those visits for the emotional support.  It is also a very important time in their lives and to share it is necessary. 

Along with that, one support person is allowed at any regular visits also.  This could be a spouse at their spouses visit or even a child at a parent’s visit. These are all very important to you, so they are important to us so we wanted to include them in on those visits. 

Support person must be asymptomatic and wear a mask- no exceptions. We will continue to monitor the waiting area for social distancing. Our policy may change back at a future date depending on cases in our area.

Thank you for understanding.


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